Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Julie's 40/40 Bucket List

To celebrate my 40th birthday and a brand-new decade, I commit to checking each of these activities off my list between January 3, 2015 and January 3, 2016. My list 1-40 (in no particular order):

1. Kayak at Creve Coeur Lake (or other location) Read here.
2. Make Bread Pudding Read here.
3. Make pie crust from scratch Read here.
4. Improve my forward bend. Read here
5. Take a trapeze class. Read here.
6. Make a calendar of before and after yin yoga poses.
Replaced with: 6. Go to a Festival I've never been to. Read here.
7. Do four sun salutations each day. Read here.
8. Visit four new labyrinths. Read here, here, and here.
9. Buy a bike rack for my Nissan Pathfinder. Read here.
10. Reread all six books of the Anne of Green Gables series. Read here and here.
11. Read four more Presidential biographies. Read here.
12. Run a 5k with my brother-in-law, Rich. Read here.
13. Get a pedicure with Bright Red Polish. Read here.
14. Sing a Sara Bareilles song at Karaoke with friends. Read here.
15. Take Tennis lessons through St. Charles Parks and Recreation. Read here, here, here, here, and here.
16. Go to a concert at Riverport (Can't remember its sell-out name.) Read here.
17. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Read here.
18. Go on a yoga retreat or take a special yoga workshop. Read here.
19. Go rock climbing at IBEX Gym in Kansas City. Read here.
20. Rent a mini-cooper. Read here.
21. Participate in in October 2015. Read here.
22. Read a book off a high school reading list. Read here.
23. Take a figure skating class. Read here and here.
24. Write four letters to state and federal legislators. Read here and here.
25. Zipline with Misti (and anyone who wants to join us!) Read here.
26. Go to Meramec Caverns. Read here.
27. Make a LookBook of Cadence's fashions for me and her. Read here.
28. Create a list of 40 books/series that have meant the most to me in my life, thus far. Read here, here, here, and here.
29. Learn to fishtail braid Cadence's hair. Read here.
30. Take a Dierberg's cooking class. Read here.
31. Take a train trip – destination to be determined. Read here.
32. Donate a Heifer to Heifer International. Read here.
33. Attend a school board meeting. Read here.
34. Take Cadence to the St. Louis Symphony. Read here.
35. Eat lunch at Ibby's on Washington University campus. Read here.
36. Go ice skating at Steinberg Rink in Forest Park. Read here.
37. Eat at the Boathouse in Forest Park. Read here.
38. Take a Home Depot workshop. Read here.
39. Stay in a swank hotel solo to read and write. Read here.
40. Blog about activities 1-39. Read here and here.

I welcome you to review the list and if you are interested in joining me for one or more of these activities, let me know in the comment section below. As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier! Just know that when you join in, you are likely to make an appearance in the post about that particular activity. Thank you for helping me to usher in what I anticipate will be my best decade yet!


  1. We have some plans for Karaoke, we need to set a date and get people invited!

  2. Love this! I need some help getting the ball rolling. Let's talk dates soon.