Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tennis Lessons - COMPLETE

Last night was my final tennis lesson, which means CHECK! Another item has come off the list! You can see my progress here.

By this fifth lesson, I felt at ease with the drills. I was the veteran of the "newbie" group of students. I recognized the look of overwhelm on the faces of the other women in my group. I reassured them that feeling awkward was part of the process and that all of the things we are learning would begin to feel more natural with time.

One of our drills was hitting the ball toward a target and aiming to knock it over. Last night I knocked the cone over for the first time! I have come a long way in five weeks. I am also aware of how I have just scratched the surface. There is so much to remember and to forget and to remember again.

It is said that adults forget how to play. I think about that a lot and look for ways to incorporate play in my every day life. I have felt a child-like sense of play and joy as I've taken lessons. I've worked hard at not taking myself too seriously. I have practiced relaxing and it has paid off.

I am taking a hiatus from tennis lessons. I must stay focused on the activities that have yet to be completed. I will definitely return to Steel Shop Tennis Club.

I continue to marvel at the way this bucket list is changing me. I never would have predicted that tennis would be a sport I would not only like but want to pursue after checking it off my list. My world is expanding. It feels so good.

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