The Sole-to-Soul Sessions

This spring, I tested the Latin phrase, Solvitur Ambulando, 'it can be solved by walking'. Could walking really solve the issues that plagued my confused mind and angsty heart? I hit the pavement every workday afternoon. With each day, the walking helped me process events of the past few years, and burn off mental and emotional clutter that didn't serve me anymore. The walking cleared my head and healed my heart. I call what transpired the Sole-to-Soul Sessions.

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Lamentation
Day 3: Heightened Attention to Detail
Day 4: Fountain Therapy
Day 5: Walking as Meditation
Day 6: Walking as Comfort
Day 7: Small Acts Done with Great Love
Day 8: Silence Contributes to Healing
Day 9: A Pause on the Path
Day 10: Some Days the Walk is Enough
Day 11: Sun-kissed
Day 12: Labyrinth Epiphany
Day 13: Walking Reinforces What I Value
Day 14: Maneuvering in a Tight Spot
Day 15: People who Cross my Path
Day 16: Pause on the Path: Water Views
Day 17: What I Found Whilst Walking
Day 18: Running Errands
Day 19: Walking in Reverse
Day 20: Walking in Extreme Heat
Day 21:  The Benefits of Disruption
Day 22: Walking Prepared Me for Summer Highlights
Day 23: Walking Inspiration
Day 24: Cultivating Solitude
Day 25: Poetry on the Pavement
Day 26: Injury
Day 27: Singing and Dancing on the Path
Day 28: Beauty of Diversity
Day 29: Change of Season
Day 30: Catalog of Beauty
Day 31: Final Thoughts...for now