Monday, October 31, 2016

31. Final thoughts...for now

I spend so much time in my head. I suppose it comes with the writer's territory. It also stems from a desperate need to make sense of things long past that still sting, still linger. I want to get them straight in my head, to order them, and to let them go. I'm getting better at the letting go these days. I keep practicing, and I see improvement. It will be a lifetime's work.

It's been apparent for awhile that in spending so much time in my head that I've overlooked the need to spend time in my body. To move, exercise, feed it well, enjoy having a body that is healthy and strong, to use it, for heaven's sake.

I concentrated on spending more time and energy in my body as I created my 40/40 list last year. The training for and running a 5K taught me that my preconceived limits were beatable and that I actually like running. The trapeze class taught me a different lesson about limits and to know when I've had enough. I still dream of owning kayaks after a peaceful afternoon with a friend on the water. In other words, I came to appreciate my body in new and lasting ways last year.

When I attended the Haven retreat in Montana in June 2015, the concept of the writer spending time outside of her head was reinforced every afternoon as we explored equine-assisted learning and yoga surrounded by big skies and fir-covered mountains.

As you pray, move your feet.”
            - African Proverb
This proverb holds deep meaning for me since I began walking and then writing about the Sole-to-Soul Sessions. I understand the power and truth of these words. Choosing to hit the pavement at a depressed season of life personifies its wisdom.

I was praying and hoping for healing and insight before I started walking. But I believe now that moving my feet was what really helped to expedite the healing. By physically moving, energies that time and pain had lodged deep inside began getting moved around and eventually out of my body. These sole-to-soul sessions helped burn off old stuff that was no longer serving me. 
Even though this blog series winds down today, I will continue to walk and write about the insights and beauties I encounter. I already have two other stories queued up to write. I look forward to sharing what comes to mind as I bundle up and brace against the wind and cold of the new season. I will continue to move my feet as I continue to pray, heal, and live fully in the present moment. 



  1. I have so much enjoyed this series, Julie. It has been a respite to some of own 31 day entries - sole to soul. I loved it from the beginning - the moment I read the title! Proud of you - I know "from whence you came" - been there, done that and lived to tell about it! Love you and Cadence...

  2. Really inspiring process, Julie, and writing! Thanks so much for sharing your journey in this way. And congratulations.