Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5. Walking as Meditation

In time a route develops. After the fountains, I walk a few blocks past retail stores, restaurants, and businesses. I pass and smile at other office workers. I wait for the white pedestrian lights at busy intersections. I feel energized by the warmth of the sun and my heart rate's increase.

The second part of the route is quieter. Shaded by giant trees, I pass beautiful old homes. I wave at postal carriers making afternoon deliveries. Now that I know where I'm going, which turns I will take, the walks become more meditative.

I am released from active thinking and open to new insight. On more anxious days, I note that I think about the route blocks from where I am or about returning to the office. I remember that this is not living in the moment, and so I bring my attention back to my feet and the square of sidewalk I'm on right now. I'll be at those future points on my route soon enough. My anxiety diffuses, and I remember to enjoy the walk without consideration for the destination. It's a little shift, but an important one.

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