Friday, October 7, 2016

7. Small Acts done with Great Love

The morning I learn about the Dallas officer shootings, I feel despair. It seems we can't catch a break from awful news headlines. There are more victims and more families left in the wake of tragedy. On this day's walk I think about how hopeless I feel in the face of all of these serious, broken situations. Then I spot some trash on the route, and decide to pick it up. It is such a little thing, and something that no one will notice, but it is something. It feels good to take action. To bend down and lift up litter that doesn't belong on the sidewalk and diminishes the beauty of my walking path.

It's a strange and empowering thing to decide to do something that no one will notice and that will likely need to be done again. I commit to making the stretch of blocks I walk better looking by picking up trash as I go. It's a secret pact between me and the universe.

This day, picking up litter lifts my spirits and renews my faith in the power of the smallest gestures. 

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