Thursday, October 27, 2016

27. Singing and Dancing on the Walking Path

Music coupled with the pause at the fountains has been a powerful way to calm and soothe me in this walking habit. Podcasts took up most of my walking time, but when I take a break from podcasts, I have listened to the Hamilton musical soundtrack, Ingrid Michaelson's new album, It Doesn't Have to Make Sense, and Jon McLaughlin's albums, Like Us and Promising Promises. I have a tendency to play an album on repeat for days or weeks at a time. It takes a lot for me to get bored with music. The more I listen the more nuance I hear. I love discovering new things with each listen.
I've hit a busy, often stressful period at work. One day, I found myself standing at the fountains, singing and dancing to a song on repeat. Martha Beck says that singing is a great stress reliever, and I have put that notion to the test. 
One of the lovely things about growing older and becoming more comfortable in my skin, is how much less self-conscious I feel about the way I look, move, and feel. If someone had seen me bouncing to the music and singing along, I would have smiled and waved and kept on going. 
I have felt the mornings' tensions ooze out of the bottoms of my feet repeatedly, and I am grateful each time.

I feel an extra bounce in my step as I walk to upbeat tunes. I am swept along by thoughtful lyrics. Combined with movement, I return to the office feeling lighter and better able to cope with whatever I face in the afternoon. 


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