Sunday, October 23, 2016

22. Walking Prepared me for Summer Highlights

The daily walking habit prepared me for two summer highlights, one planned and one unplanned. Cadence and I took a train trip to Chicago. We met up with my parents for a weekend away, and so that Cadence could purchase her long-saved-for American Girl doll.

We stayed in a hotel a few blocks off Michigan Avenue and walked everywhere. Dad figured by the reading on Mom's pedometer that in one afternoon and evening we logged six miles. I was tired when I returned to the hotel, but it was a good tired. I was also impressed that my nine-year-old managed that kind of distance without complaint.

Before this summer, multiple days of walking multiple miles would have worn me out. This summer the walking energized me. 

Then a month later this happened:

My Navy Pathfinder, Bert, got sick. On the side of the interstate. Three times. The second time, while the car was in the shop, I walked a Chicago's equivalent back and forth to Cadence's school. Once to accompany her to school. Then because I had no update on the car by noon, I walked back up to school to have lunch with her (a special treat for a kid whose mom works too far from school to do on a regular basis.) And then a third time at the end of the school day to pick her up. 
I marveled at how I really didn't think anything of it. I had the time, and I didn't have any other option. This summer's walking has reinforced how self-sufficient a healthy, strong body can be. Being towed to the mechanic shop three times was less than ideal. Spending what I might have on my next trip abroad on repair bills pained me. But the day spent in the sunshine, seeing my daughter in intervals I never get to was priceless. As was knowing I can handle everything that comes my way. 
Walking has shaped me into a better version of myself.

On the walk to school

Together for lunch

Glorious day. Look at the clouds!

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