Thursday, October 13, 2016

13. Walking Reinforces What I Value

I generally walk with only my phone and head phones. Unless I have decided that I'm going to grab lunch on the walk, I don't carry a wallet.

After I've had my restorative moment at the fountains, I proceed down the street. There's a retail store, Lusso, I pass every day. The merchandise is so beautiful and the music selection puts me in a good mood. I've taken to doing a little browsing before continuing on my path once every few weeks. This store is a visual treat. Everything is priced out of my means, but I allow myself to enjoy the few moments, breathe in the peaceful vibe of the store, and enjoy the thought of making purchases when my budget allows.

I love dishtowels. They have become a favorite souvenir when I travel abroad (or domestically for that matter) because they are lightweight, easy to pack, are practical, and every time I place them on my counter or dry my dishes or hands, glimpses of my trip flash back.

On this particular walk, I found a dishtowel on clearance. It was melon-y orange (a favorite hue) and had the word Darlin on it. I immediately thought of a friend who uses this endearment with me. I took a photo of it, and texted it to him.

This friend shares my interest in minimalism. When I explained that it caught my eye, made me think of him, and was still too expensive on clearance, he replied “the photo is enough.” I refolded the towel and returned it to its place on the table. I knew he was right.

I endeavor to travel light on these daily walks, on trips, and through life in general. Walking fills me in ways that makes extra stuff superfluous. I was grateful that I didn't have my wallet, and to be reminded that I had plenty of dishtowels in my cabinet, and that I could enjoy the simple dishtowel without purchasing it.

"Put yourself in the way of beauty."
- Cheryl Strayed 

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