Mothering Myself

Self-care is a buzzy word that flits like a bee in the cultural flower bed from magazine headlines, how-to articles, to women's already full plates. In some cases, it's a phrase presented as self-indulgent or selfish. Other times it can feel like another item to add to the to-do list. 

For me, self-care is the nectar that has sweetened life in the past three years. In that space of time, I left a toxic marriage, learned how to successfully co-parent my grade-school-aged daughter, rebuilt self-esteem and self-confidence, owned space as a writer, and set boundaries in the open, wind-whipped prairie of my head and heart.

As I navigated new emotional terrain, it occurred to me that there were places in my life that could use a mother's gentle touch. This month, I reflect on the ways I enriched my life through self-care habits by accepting that I could mother myself. Caring for my daughter and being a friend to the people closest to me were the outward sign posts leading me to the internal work that needed to be done.

Some of these things came easier to me than others, but all of them have nourished me. As I tell my daughter, practice makes proficient...

1. Sleep
2. Books
11. Yoga
17. Therapy
26. Music


  1. Love the connection between our #write31days. Sleep is so very important. Can't wait to see the others.

  2. What a wonderful theme for this year's #Write31Days. I chose "self-care" as my word of the year several years back. I look forward to reading about your process of mothering yourself.

    1. Astrid, thanks for reading! I am writing a novel and the main character's name is Astrid. I have a deep affection for that name now! Wishing you happy writing in these 31 days!

  3. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. What fun! My series is similar, and I look forward to reading someone else's perspective :). We could all use more self-care (the mothering kind).

  5. I'm just starting to learn about the whole "self parenting" technique. I'll be following along with interest.

    ps. I can't seem to comment using my wordpress login. Weird. This is me: