Friday, October 28, 2016

28. Beauty of Diversity

The floral displays I have walked past in downtown Clayton have been a source of inspiration and comfort. Bursts of color and unique pairings have been a welcome sight for this weary soul. I took a lot of photos to help build a portfolio of ideas I might want to incorporate in my own lawn.

As I passed the Clayton Town Hall and its magnificent display of plant life a metaphor came to mind. What makes this garden so lovely is its variety. Each blossom on its own is a marvel, but if the garden was full of only one type of plant or flower, its beauty would not be so captivating. Lovely yes, but not so breathtaking. 
Our diversity—the things that set us apart—really is what makes humanity beautiful. I'm sad when people can't see it, but encouraged when we do. 


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  1. Yes! If only more people appreciated and celebrated the diversity instead of wanting everyone to look/act/think/be the same!