Friday, October 21, 2016

21. The Benefits of Disruption

Hey love. Yeah, I'm talking to you. You, who are worried about sticking to the plan. Making sure everything is just so. Perfect. Not a thing out of place. 
I want to let you in on a little secret. I used to be you. I used to conform and think that there was a plan I had to stick to, even when it wasn't working.

I don't think like that anymore. And life is so much richer for the shift. I welcome the disruptions and the detours in life now. I understand because I've experienced it. The really good life stuff often occurs in the disruptions, detours, and unplanned moments.

One day after pausing at the fountains, I discovered that the sidewalk I crossed onto was torn up. I didn't think too much of it. I changed directions walked down the sidewalk that ran parallel to my usual route. I noted how this side of the street was shaded by the buildings, but there was less window-shopping to enjoy. No big deal. I kept walking.

I stood waiting for the white pedestrian light to flash. The road work was limited to one small portion of the block behind me, so I could have crossed the street and resumed my regular path, but I opted to stick to the alternate route. I am glad I did because this is what I found on that day's walk.

Beautiful landscaping that was there all along. I'd missed this little bit of splendor because parked cars lined the street and blocked the pops of color and organized landscape design.

I felt refreshed by the change of scenery and nature's beauty. I was happy to be reminded that in spite of disruptions' aggravations, they also have the potential for built-in opportunities for joy and adventure. But we have to be on the look out for them, or we'll likely miss them.


  1. Sometimes disruptions bring the sweetest blessings and benefits!