Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11. Sun Kissed

I am the consummate bookworm. I spend very little time outside preferring to sit by a window gazing at the beautiful outdoors with a book or journal on my lap. This walking habit has moved me both out-of-doors and outside my comfort zone. It's been good for me.

I haven't applied sunscreen on these walks this summer. My skin needs at least a little un-sunscreened access to Vitamin D, and the route includes a fair bit of shade.

My daughter, Cadence, notices everything. She's commented in summers past as her skin bronzed with time spent out doors how my skin remained pale--a few shades darker than Elmer's glue. She's also noticed how this summer my nose, the tops of my shoulders and my feet have been sun kissed. She's pleased. Relieved even to know her mom can get a tan.

I admit I like how the sun has sprinkled cinnamon freckles across the bridge of my nose and brushed tiny tan lines over the tops of my sandaled feet. The walking and the Vitamin D teamed up to improve my mood. They conspired to help me feel more stable and settled in this new life. I feel a new bounce in my step.

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