Sunday, October 23, 2016

23. Walking Inspiration

Long before this walking took root as a healthy habit, I would text my friend Dan about writer's block at work or some such. His text reply often was, Go for a walk. This New Yorker article echoes the things I have experienced as I walk. 

I had really wanted to participate in the #write31days challenge, but couldn't think of a topic I could devote a month's attention to. And then one day, the walking as meditation came to me, and I was thrilled.

He recently took a trip off the grid. Before he left he texted me: “Also, I'm taking full credit for you walking. Just kidding. But I really am. Lol. I crack myself up.” I assured him he could take full credit. I'd taken his advice time and again, and it had worked every time. And then one day, it seemed like my idea, and here I am:
A walker. 
A woman who walks and meditates. 
A woman who walks and smiles and offers positive energy to the people she passes on sidewalks.

A woman who leans into whatever emotion lands on her heart and mind and doesn't run away. 
A woman who simply walks and trusts the journey will get her where she needs to go. 


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