Sunday, April 19, 2015

34. Take Cadence to the St. Louis Symphony - CHECK

Cadence read this book to me as we drove to Powell Symphony Hall for this afternoon's Force of Nature Family Concert. It was a long story and took a good chunk of the drive. It helped her get in the mood for the concert, and also counted toward her week's reading for her reading log at school. We were very productive!

She was immediately enamored by the symphony hall and said it was like the White House. (She's preparing to do research on the White House, so she's got grand things on her mind lately.) We walked through the lobby and discovered that there were instruments from each of the families of instruments for children to try. We made a quick preemptive visit to the ladies room, and on our way Cadence exclaimed, "This is the most exciting thing I've ever done!"

We made our rounds to each of the instruments. She was able to make sounds come from each of the instruments she tried. Her excitement was really contagious and I was so excited for her. This child is musical and I cannot wait to see what direction(s) she pursues musically.

After we explored the symphony hall and had a second try of the clarinet and violin, we made our way to our seats. She was getting antsy, so we used my phone's notes app for me to "interview" her for my blog. I would type a question and then she would answer it. This activity did a great job of keeping her engaged until the concert began.

I loved being surrounded by a really diverse group of people. The young men to our right were not speaking English. I don't know what African country is their home, but music was not foreign to them. The young man I sat next to just seemed to radiate joy for what we were hearing the entire concert. It was a fantastic, universal moment.

Cadence reached for my hand during the concert, which warmed my heart. I saw her yawn a few times, and I suspected she might drift off to sleep, but the music kept her attention the entire time.

I am moved so deeply by all music. I sat awestruck as I watched and listened to the symphony do their thing. I felt a happy ache in my chest for the sound and emotions those instruments collectively evoked for me.

Yesterday Cadence went to the Cardinals baseball game with her dad. Today she was at the symphony. And she loved both activities. I love how well-rounded a child she is becoming. Today's concert was the final family concert of the season, and when I asked her if she would be interested in attending another one, she said, "I'd like to attend them all."

Excerpt from my interview with Cadence:

What was your favorite instrument to try? Why?

I liked them all because it was fun learning how to use them and to play them.

Tell me about learning about the families of instruments in music class before the concert.

We learned how you need to move your lips. We also learned what each instrument goes to each family group. We listened to songs that had the family groups.

What do you think will be the best part of today's concert? Take a prediction. (This is the expression she uses when she wants an answer and I don't have a ready one. She's tenacious.)

I think I'll like all of it because I know all about it. I hope I will enjoy it a lot today.

Did you have a favorite piece of music from the concert?

I liked the part where we make a storm. But I also think that it is very very very hard. (The conductor led the audience through a storm with wind (rubbing hands together), raindrops (fingers snapping), heavy rain (patting laps), and thunder (stomping the floor.) It DID sound very cool!)

What would you like my readers to know about the concert?

To convince them to go there one day in their life.

Today's visit to the symphony really was magnificent and another beautiful memory was made to add to my 4040 collection. Here's to another item checked off the list.

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