Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another month of Sun Salutations Complete

I have now completed another month of sun salutations, and this month brought a sense that my body really will transform by the end of the year. It's taken three months of daily yoga for me to feel that possibility.

I have had more days when my legs are nearly or completely straight than ever in this three-month-short practice. My heels have begun to hit the mat. That was an amazing thing to experience the first time.

The first summer I began practicing yoga four years ago, my heels were easily two-and-a-half inches from the mat. So the fact that on many days they brush the mat if not are firmly planted on the mat feels as amazing as the realization that my chatarangas are strong and consistently in proper form.

The 5k training runs, page-a-day novel writing, and daily yoga are all teaching me the same lessons:

1. A slow and steady approach really does make solid progress.

2. Looking just ahead of where you are right now is about as far out as is reasonable to look. I couldn't have gotten to 36,000 words of my novel if I was trying to do it 10,000 words at a time. However, in increments of 350-450 words a day, I have done just that.

What will I learn about life and my yoga practice in this new month of daily sun salutations?

PS: I love having Audrey joining me for this journey. Isn't she lovely in this photo?

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