Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quotation of the Day - April 30, 2015

I am a devotee of Martha Beck's words. If you paged through my journals from the past three years or so, you would find her words strewn throughout. Today's quote speaks to my novel writing and the new person I am becoming as I find joy and sweat and success in my running. How do her words speak to you?

"Quickening is an old-fashioned word that describes the moment when an expectant mother first feels her unborn child move inside her body. This is an apt metaphor for the moment desire becomes intention, because it captures the truth that although our wants come from within us, we aren't really in control of them. They have lives of their own, agendas that are largely unavailable to our conscious minds. All we can do is wait, wonder, and cherish the internal nudging that tells us something new and wonderful is preparing to be born."

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