Sunday, March 8, 2015

Goal Keeping

After creating the 4040 list, I have added other goals that require regular progress reports to help keep me motivated and on track. I've shared my 2012 Audrey Hepburn calendar marking my daily yoga practice.

Last week my sister sent me a miniature Yoga Kittens calendar as a joke. She knows I ABHOR cats, but since they are demonstrating yoga poses, it makes it okay. I decided this would be the calendar I use to mark my novel-in-progress word count. On Wednesday, March 4 I hit 20,055 words! This is 25 per cent toward my 80,000 word goal. It felt momentous. So some little kitties (the only form of domestic felines I can tolerate) are helping me mark my progress.

For Christmas, my dear Marcela from college, sent me a miniature calendar of splendid Australian scenery. This calendar will mark my blog readership progress toward my goal of 40,000. On January 3, I was at 1,864 pageviews. Today the tally is 3,759.

From day to day I really am not sure how I'm keeping all of these balls in the air. My primary answer is that it is feeding my soul and my intellect, so it's worth all of the effort.

It crosses my mind regularly just exactly how am I going to spend 2016 when this 4040 list is complete and my page-a-days have become a manuscript. When this thought comes to mind, I take a deep breath and remember that that question will be answered in 2016, and for now I have plenty to keep track of. These awesome calendars are helping.

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