Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ten Thoughts about Tennis Lesson #2

1. I still like tennis.

2. My warm up at the wall was much more controlled this week. Chris remarked that I was judging where the ball was going much better. PROGRESS.

3. I keep being surprised and overwhelmed by all the little things there are to remember: keep a little bend in my wrist, keep my racquet straight, move my feet more to get a good shot rather than reaching with my racquet.

4. I actually broke out into a glisten during the lesson. (I rarely sweat. It's an achievement if I do.)

5. The takeaway from lesson two: Bump and Finish. This means hit the ball lightly up over the net and then finish the swing with the racket at my left shoulder.

6. This lesson added new choreography as we practiced moving around the court. Forehand, shuffle back to middle of the baseline, backhand, shuffle back to the middle of the baseline, repeat. I like these choreographed drills. The dancer in me "gets" it.

7. I've heard this twice this week: Tennis is a forever sport.

8. Investing in a tennis skirt may be right around the corner.

9. I clarified that if holding the racquet flush to the bottom of the handle hurts my hand, I should, in fact, STOP doing that. Whew. I'm glad I asked.

10. It would be fantastic if tennis became a thing for me in my next 40 years merely by adding it to my 4040 list. Remarkable, really.

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