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Travelogue: March 16, 2013 Brugge, Belgium Day 2

Cadence and I were awakened in the middle of the night. We heard voices, racing cars, and general middle-of-the-night merriment. We turned on the light, worked a hidden picture puzzle, and I read an article of Cadence's choice before going back to bed. This was some time after 2:30 a.m.

We got up about 8 o'clock, had breakfast at our dining table. E pushed herself backwards while strapped into her travel seat. Heart attack for her mama and flashbacks for me of Cadence's forehead kiss on the pool concrete the year before.

The rest of the day from 10:30-5:15 was spent sight-seeing:
1. Museum of Chocolate (across from our hotel)
2. Climbing 300+ steps of the Belfry in the Town Square - Cadence did so great
3. Pizza and soup at the Italian restaurant in the square
4. Back to hotel for nappy change (diaper)
5. Tour of Canals by boat (we got to see a great view of the city this way)
6. Shopping - found Brugge postcards, tapestry for Mom, sweatshirt and felt clog slippers for Cadence, tea towel for me and chocolates to take home.

We'd been on our feet all day, so we picked up Belgian waffles and returned home. We spent the next three hours watching Discovery Channel with Dutch or Flemish subtitles while Cadence slept.

S stayed in all day fighting a cold, but came out with us after dark. We took our same path and saw the beauty of the buildings lit up. There was a light rain and still the wind.

S took some photos and we continued to window shop. We picked up fast food for late dinner. Cadence got another happy meal with a prize that promptly broke.

E went straight to bed and we ate quietly at our table. Then we played UNO and went to bed. We slept soundly. M & S had a turn at the noisy revelers outside.

Other notables:

*Watching Good Luck Charlie and other shows in Dutch.
*Watched a show on Discovery Channel about London's River Thames and how it has changed over the centuries and how it's being modified today.

From the margin of my journal:
Cadence enjoyed the Find and Seek activity at the chocolate museum...a chocolate sucker was the prize! E gobbled hers; Cadence savored hers.

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