Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#9 Buy a Bike Rack - CHECK

There's not much to say about accomplishing this goal, but there are three people I want to acknowledge for their vital participation.

Eddie, one of my best friends from college, helped me determine what bike rack model would work best with my hitch and also helped me find a great price. (I must admit, I did not do enough research before putting this one on the 4040 list. It was a pricey item.) I have no regrets. Having this bike rack will facilitate many a bike ride this summer with Cadence.

Eddie assured me I could attach the rack on my own. I watched the video and felt good about being able to do it.

I removed the pieces from their shipping containers and began reading the instructions. Within moments I determined that there were slightly more steps than the video highlighted, so I loaded the parts into the back of my Pathfinder and headed over to my friend's house for dinner. As we were enjoying the mild evening with Cinco de Mayo-themed food, I asked her son, Y, (who builds robots) if he would help me assemble the bike rack.

We went out front to the car and dove in. His sister, M, came out and joined the team. Between the three of us, we problem-solved our way through the assembly. I was really proud of these young people. We worked well together bringing our own strengths to the effort. I could not have done it on my own. I am not fluent in the language of the manufacturer.

We started the project in the daylight and finished it after the sun went down. Thank goodness for the flashlight on my phone!

I love the diversity and splash of practicality that is represented on this list. I look forward to our first ride.

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