Saturday, January 2, 2016

Top Posts of 2015

My friend Dan encouraged me early in the year that the more honest, truthful posts I wrote, the more my writing would connect with readers. He is almost always right (with a few teeny tiny exceptions), and certainly was about this.

Writing at 300 rejections this past year has been one of my greatest joys.  I appreciate your readership more than you know. I am fascinated to see that the top ten posts were my truthiest.  I shared thoughts and feelings in these ten essays that I couldn't have imagined sharing even one year ago.  And now, well, it's become common practice.

300 rejections started out as a place to chronicle my writing life. But over time it's taught me that my writing and my life intersect all the time.  It's kinda hard to separate the two.  So now I don't try.  Now I write here to celebrate the big and little things of life--as a writer, a mother, a friend, a woman, and as a human.

Thank you for helping me feel safe and supported as I ruminate, contemplate, and elucidate. I still have a ways to go to reach my 40,000 page view goal here, but I am very well on my way.  If after you read (or re-read) the posts below, you think that your circles of friends and influence could benefit from one (or more) of these posts, I'd be so grateful if you'd share it.  I love thinking about this community of writers and readers and kind, gentle humans expanding. 

Sharing my words would be the best birthday gift I could receive. (I'm forty for only one more day!)

So without further adieu, the top 10 posts of 2015:

A few words about Selfies

The Perfect Way to Spend a Saturday Evening

1. Inaugural Bucket List Check Off

Dan is not my husband and other thoughts on where I am right now

Thanksgiving - Rebooted



Response from a Missouri Representative

Julie's 40/40 Bucket List

Perfectly You and Totally Bi#$in - Race Weekend - #12 CHECK 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to taking life as it comes--the hard and the soft--and finding silver linings, ways to be of service, and joy supreme.  

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