Thursday, February 26, 2015

How my celebration of 40 is changing me

In January, I made a really fancy version of bread pudding. It was really fun, super delicious, and raised my confidence in the kitchen.

This past Sunday, Cadence brought home a friend after church. They played while I made lunch. Suddenly I had a burst of energy. An unused loaf of Texas toast was headed for the trash, but I remembered that bread pudding calls for past-due bread, so I rescued the loaf. Without time to change my mind (which often happens when it comes to my interest in the kitchen) I set out to make a bread pudding from my Betty Crocker cookbook. I whipped it up like a pro and once it was baking in the oven, I started making chicken salad for the next evening's dinner.

Readers, this is what moms do effortlessly every day - three times a day. I know this. But this mama HAS NOT historically done this effortlessly.

Until now.

I found a letter in Cadence's backpack the other day. It was a love letter to me. In addition to being the best mom in "the world of history," she also called out my cooking. As an asset. I'm a good cooker in her estimation.

When I created my 4040 list, I set out to challenge myself. To do things I'd never done before and to do things that would make me better. To do some things that scare me. Being on the trapeze scares me. Running a 5k scares me. But so does failure in my culinary pursuits. The 4040 list created accountability and the context for not worrying about failing only doing.

And it's working as Sunday's flurry of successful activity in the kitchen demonstrates.

I love being 40.

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  1. I love you being 40 too! I love your growth! You keep transforming into beyond spectacular person, because, let's face it, you were already pretty spectacular as a 39 year old. I value each and every day I get to read of what your new skill, discovery, or brilliance that develops. Your journey has given me thoughts on my own journey. Inspired me...encouraged me. Keep up the great work!