Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Trip to Target

The shopping and acquiring gene didn't get expressed in my DNA, but it has come surging through in Cadence's. Her grandparents regularly give her Target gift cards for special occasions. These have become opportunities for my young child to learn about the value of money, wants vs. needs, delayed gratification, and gift giving.

Most trips begin in the art aisles. We talk about how much items cost and how much money she'll have left if she chooses to buy it. Many times she puts an item back deciding that it isn't worth the cost. She's still in a "more is more" mentality, so she generally chooses smaller, less expensive items. The shopping experience is heightened when there is more in her cart.

Cadence is also a gift giver. She really loves to share what she has with others. On this particular trip, Cadence eyed the mug in the photo below. She liked it immediately and declared that she wanted to buy it for me. I saw a clearance sticker affixed to the side and agreed that since it was on sale she could buy it. I was touched that she wanted to spend her money on something for someone else.

She finished making her day's selections and took them to the check out. She handed over her gift card with the balance burning in her hand. With the transaction complete, we headed to the car.

She pulled the mug out of the plastic bag and chattered as five-year-olds do about being glad she bought it for me. She paused. “Mama, what does it say on the side?” She was an early reader, so she still needed help reading. I told her that it read “Hello!”

There was another pause. “Oh. I thought it said heart. That's why I bought it for you. I thought it said heart...” Disappointment tinged her words and the realization of her mistake. My heart melted. I assured her that I loved the mug now even more.

Every time I use the mug (which is nearly daily), I see hello, but my brain always changes it to heart, and I melt over and over again. This mug is a keeper because of its reminder of my little shopper's intended and accidental gifts in one little purchase.


  1. Just beautiful! Brought a tear to my eye. I love the innocence and genuine love kids have. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!