Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sun Salutation Tally: Month One

As of today, I have been saluting the sun for one month. I haven't missed a day, and in some cases, I've done more than my daily four.

This practice has quickly become a joy. One weekend day, I sat down to write and was antsy. I couldn't settle into writing. It occurred to me that I hadn't done my yoga for the day, so I rolled out my mat, did my four salutations, and sat back down. I was immediately calmer and better able to focus.

Talk about instant results.

So far I have done 146 sun salutations. 18 of those are extras. There are days that I have done four in the morning and four in the evening. Those are the ideal days. I am keeping track of how my body feels each day. I'm so glad to have this tracker. The last few days I was noticing significant improvement. Heels closer to the floor, legs nearly straight. This morning, not so much. That's the beauty of yoga. You aren't going to be able to do the same thing every day, so yoga teaches you to accept where you are today, breathe, and move on.

I can already see my body changing. There are triceps reappearing. My biceps are more defined, and my abs are starting to show some definition. My butt seems ever so slightly less flat. (The running may be a contributor in that area.) 40.1 Buy a bikini won't feel like such a painful experience with just a few hundred more sun salutations completed.

I have eleven more months until I can cross this item off my 4040 list. What I know one month in is that this is a permanent fixture in my life moving forward.



  1. I love the added picture of your tracking calendar. Great job! I love how you acknowledge that your body needs it to properly function in the morning. Love love love!

  2. Tracking it is a form of accountablilty and is also helpful when I want to write about it. I'd never remember what I was thinking on a particular day or when my heels got closer to the ground. I'm especially proud of reusing an old calendar. It adds the requisite Julie-quirk to the list item.