Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Rambling Post about Andy and Anne

The Presidential reading is moving slowly. In an insomniac's two hours, I was recently able to read more than two chapters. It didn't put me to sleep as quickly as I had anticipated, which in terms of getting my reading done is good. But my sleep and restfulness suffered. By 8:30 last night, I was spent.

I have put a lot of reading on my bucket list. Andrew Jackson's bio doesn't count as my four bios because it was my plan to have it finished before the end of the year. Anne of Green Gables will be quicker reading except for the fact that I introduced it to Cadence in a desperate attempt to get her week's quota of reading complete on Sunday night. I began reading it aloud to her, and to my astonishment, it kept her interest (it also put her to sleep, which this mama says is NOT a bad thing!) She asked for a second helping the next night.

The first night it took me awhile to get into the rhythm of reading it aloud, but once I did, Marilla and Mrs. Rachel began emerging from the page. At one point my rendition was authentic enough to make my child laugh! She looked at me and said, “Is it going to be hilarious like this the rest of the time?” I smiled and told her yes. It will be funny and sad throughout.

I was introduced to Anne of Green Gables in sixth grade. Our reading teacher, Mrs. Young, told us that we were going to do something fun when the gifted kids left for their “fun.” I'm so glad I got to stay and watch the movie. This character and her story became imprinted on my mind and heart, and I have loved her ever since.

I like the idea of me introducing Cadence to beloved Anne. She wasn't like all the other girls or kids of her time, and she found a way to forge a path for herself. That is one of the themes of her story that comforted me as an awkward, self-conscious tween all those years, and endures today as I at 40 am still forging my own way. Cadence isn't like other girls in her own ways. I wonder how Anne will resonate for her.

I hope the story can keep Cadence captivated for all 309 pages, and that I don't get impatient and resist the temptation to read ahead. Anne gets into a lot of crazy antics in this first volume. It would make for great conversation with my own little spitfire. I want this story to spark Cadence's “scope for imagination” as Anne says repeatedly and to know she can do anything and everything she sets her mind to. That would be a great by-product of this 40/40 list.

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  1. What a great turn of events that Cadence is an active participant in your 40/40 list. It's great that you are filling her bucket and yours at the same time! Including her in your blog writing will give her something to read when she's older in case her memories fail her. Love love love