Saturday, October 6, 2018

6. Lunch Time Inspiration

When the weather warms, I spend most lunch hours walking. My office is surrounded by beautiful tree-lined sidewalks and homes with beautiful landscaping. I take photos of landscaping that inspires me, piques my interest, and ideas that I can replicate.

I have often considered having a raised bed for flowers or vegetables. One day I saw a raised bed created by paving stones. All of a sudden, the spare stones I have stored inside and outside my shed came to mind. THAT'S what I could do! The cost of the project would be reduced because I already have the materials. I would only have the cost of the soil to fill the stone bed as well as the plants, seeds, and blossoms I choose to fill it.

I really like the idea of using what I already have to enhance my property. I am energized by all of these ideas that come to me as I walk.


  1. Great idea. It will use what you have and look so nice. I like to take photos of landscaping ideas, too. I never thought to use paving stones on that manner.

  2. I love raised beds too. We did ours out logs. Great series so far.