Thursday, October 4, 2018

4. Habit Forming

Another weekend passed, and again, I chose to do the lawn early in the weekend so it didn't weigh on me. I mowed while my daughter was at a birthday party. I was energized by working with a deadline: the mowing must be done by the time I have to pick up my daughter.

I heard neighbors fire up their lawn mowers earlier in the day, but I chose the evening because it's when I was free, and the day was hot. I hoped to escape some of the heat.

I felt sweat run down my back and was out of breath as I pushed the mower and breathed in the muggy air. I couldn't imagine how winded I would have been if I'd mowed five hours before.

I was weary when I pushed the mower into the shed, but I was also content. I didn't let the chore hang over my head, so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend.

I feel a shift. Lawn care is one more thing on my plate during the summer season, but it no longer feels so heavy, or like such a burden. It's something that needs to be attended to, and I get it done with much less procrastination than in the past. 

I am grateful that it isn't the CHORE it used to be. The task hasn't changed, but my attitude has and that changes everything.


  1. It's wonderful when you can see how a change in attitude has lifted the heaviness of a chore. Great thoughts here!

  2. It is amazing how we can create our own misery or delight by our own choice of thought.

  3. Attitude is everything! Such a good read!

  4. Sorry, that last comment was from me. I was logged into my son's account! Attitude really is everything. Such a great read!