Monday, January 5, 2015

Word Nerd's Word of the Day

I am a word nerd. There is no getting around it. I read my thesaurus FOR FUN.

So today I was reading a long passage, trying to make sense of a bunch of political stuff in American Lion, Jon Meacham's biography of Andrew Jackson, and came across the word solecism. It's kind of a great word meaning: 1. a mistake of grammar or idiom; a blunder in speaking or writing.

I've decided that since there are so many good, rich words that these presidential biographers use that us common folk are generally unfamiliar with, I'm going to start sharing the words I have to look up with my 300 rejection readers.

Please comment if/when you know the word of the day...or when you happen to be able to use the word of the day in regular conversation. This is what word nerds do for fun. Join in!


  1. Big shout out to one of this word nerd's biggest fans for reading and finding a typo! Thank you Steph for your grammar vigilence. You KNOW how much I abhor typos. Thanks for saving the first installment of word nerd's word of the day. This IS a solecism in action! BAM!

  2. I almost said the same thing when I alerted you to the typo. You crack me up! I love the idea of writing word of the day. Educate us all!

  3. Ok, so another solecism has been committed as noted by another vigilant grammar girl, Christa. I'm not going to change this one--us common folk should have been we common folk--because I was stuck in a colloquial moment, but it is duly noted! Also, here's the pronunciation for today's word: [solisizem]. There are some marks I don't know how to add...hope that gets you closer to the pronunciation...Thanks ladies (and anyone else who follows) for keeping me grammatcially correct!