Saturday, October 24, 2015

Conversation with Cadence about Writing and Pursuing One's Interests

With just a few days remaining in this series, I'm running out of things to say about my first attempt at writing a novel. I thought it would be a nice breather both for writer and reader to share a conversation I had with my eight-year-old about my writing and what, if any, opinions she has about it. 

My daughter's interests are a hybrid of her dad's and mine. I love it. She will be the most well-rounded person one day. His love of cars and sports and my love of words and the arts have found a comfy place to reside in our daughter. I really didn't expect the conversation to go where it did, but I stayed open and found it very interesting. On face value, it would appear that her ideas are strongly influenced by her dad's interests, but I can't help but think that my writing about a woman who becomes a mechanic has also shaped some of what she shared. At eight, there's no telling how many times her preferences will ebb and flow, change direction or stay on course. Whatever she decides to pursue, I like that I have documented her interests at this time. 

My questions are in bold. Cadence's answer are italicized.

What do you think about my writing habit? 
You work on it and I like it.

What do you like about it?
Everything. Like when you talk about Astrid. She's my favorite character.
Why has she become your favorite character?
Because she's interesting to hear about and has interesting friends and family.
You aren't very happy about one of the characters dying. Tell me what you think of it.
It's sad because he was very nice to Astrid and to their friends and family.
But we've talked about it, and you understand that every story has to have a problem to solve, right?
I know. Duh.
Does it bug you that I spend time writing every day?
No. I think it's good because I get to play with my friends when you do it.
You also sleep when I write in the early morning, right?
Yes or sometimes I'll wake up earlier.
What do you think of moms having hobbies or things that are important to them separate from their kiddos?
Good because I think it is cool to see my friends and family learn their talents.[We have a friend who is a photographer and my sister is an artist.]
Does it make you want to pursue your talents and interests?
Yes because I think it would be interesting to do what my family does.
What interests do you have right now?
I really like cars so I'd like to be a salesperson or fix cars for a living. I really want to be a cars person because I really know a bunch about it.
So going to car shows with Daddy has been a way to learn about cars?
My Dad is a tire salesman and he has to learn about cars for his work because he sells tires and he teaches me how to know car names and how to fix stuff on cars. [My favorite of her answers because this is how eight-year-olds talk when you are transcribing their words.]
We are running out of time. Is there anything else you'd like to say about art or pursuing your dreams?
I love working with cars and me and my friend like to work with cars and like to see the styles at car shows.
Thank you for talking with me.
Your welcome, Mommy.


  1. A www! What a sweet interview! Tell your daughter thank you for sharing her ideas with us! My husband was a business major who eventually ended up as an elementary school teacher and then a school administrator. I'm a teacher (high school English) and both of our daughters are going into education (one is also a writer and the other is an artist). So you could say they are a good blend of both of us, too ;).

  2. This was precious! I've been considering asking one of my children to do a blog post with me for my series and reading this makes that bee in my bonnet act a little more persistent! Thank you. :)