Monday, January 20, 2014

Let Go of Outcome

My vision board leans against the wall just past my open laptop like a window. As I contemplate what to write, I look at the images I rubber-cemented to the board more than a year ago.

Reach for more




creative mind

so many ways to play

strike a balance

"when you're open to receiving them, the possibilities just keep on coming."

A little change is all it takes to make a big difference.

Since I metabolize the world through words, these are the ones that resonated with me as I crafted my visions for guiding me to my future pursuits. Intermingled with the words, phrases, and sentences listed are images of yoga poses I want to grow into, a map to signify my soul's need to travel, and a stack of books that right now represent the journals I have filled (17 to date), the constant pile of books "to be read," and the publications I aspire to accomplish in the future.

I just finished reading a book by mama-writer, Kate Hopper, called Use Your Words: A writing guide for mothers. I must say I feel incredibly energized by the notion of carving out a writer's life as I work full time and mother full time. Hopper writes beautifully and specifically about how she has incorporated writing into motherhood and her teaching career. While her approach and mine will be different, I am bolstered by her suggestions, descriptions, and encouragement to find my own way.

It is a marvel to me that my vision board and its words and images still feel nourishing; relevant after these long months. That says to me that I'm on my right track for my personal pursuits. I haven't blogged since before the holidays and I miss it. I miss the sense of having this blog serve as my accountability for actually doing the writing that I too often only talk about.

As I begin spending more time in my office without TV, reading more books, and contemplating what I want to say in cyber-print, I feel myself gaining the courage necessary to move forward. The other phrase that is helping me is "Let Go of Outcome". It's what I'm calling my 2014 Phrase of the Year. I am using it like a mantra to pursue scary, hard things. It really helps me take the pressure off and will come in really handy as I gather my rejections from submitted work. Here's to writing words in the New Year, submitting them, and getting rejected!

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