Thursday, November 7, 2013

Late Week Prayer

God of Light and Love,

I've been thinking about big things this week.
How easily we humans separate ourselves into "better than" categories, so I prayed.
How frightening it is to release our children into the hands of schools, teachers, and other caring people, so I prayed.
How life is not fair in big and small ways, so I prayed.
How a beloved friend may lose employment, so I prayed.
How I miss my grandma and good friend Lois every single day, so I prayed.
How bad it feels to be misunderstood, so I prayed.
And then I remembered how wonderful it is to be surrounded by amazing friends, and I gave thanks.
I remembered how beautiful your creation is during Missouri autumns, and I gave thanks.
I remembered how you healed my dad when he was so sick, and I gave thanks.
I remembered how much I love being my daughter's mama, and I gave thanks.
I remembered the new baby born into our friendship circle, and how much her mama prayed for her arrival, and I gave thanks.
I remembered how satisfying it feels to do hard things and grow resilient, and I gave thanks.
Mostly, Lord above, I give thanks that I have you to lean on and to look up to.  Thank you for loving me and all of your creation so very much.
And so it is, Amen.

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